|| What I’m Wearing ||

Henley– Punk

(Similar Grey Henley linked down below)

Jeans– Zara

(Similar option linked down below)

Brogues/Shoes– Arrow

Coat/Blazer– Jack and Jones

(Similar Black Blazer linked down below)

Shirt– Incult

Sunglasses– Dolce & Gabbana

(Similar option linked down below)

Hello friends!

How’s it going?

Welcome to my blog!

┬áSo, today I want to say that, don’t be scared to experiment with your outfits.

If you’re confused all the time and think that you still haven’t found your style, experimenting with clothes is the key to success. The whole point of dressing up is to STAND OUT and not to blend in.

Today, before stepping out of the house, I had this great outfit planned. It was, a pair of jeans, a t shirt, black blazer and black shoes. Sounds perfect!

Everything looked great, but I wasn’t so happy with the look.

Went through my closet again, found this cool plaid flannel/shirt, tied it around my waist and voila!

Just this little addition to the whole look made me feel like myself.

So guys, don’t be afraid to experiment with what you wear. Mix and match is the way to go.

Enjoy the pictures!

I don’t do basic, its not in my nature.

I like my clothes to rebel for me. I refuse to blend in.

Choose your jeans carefully. Spend time on which cut fits you the best.

I’ve discovered that the anti-fit is the one for me.

The same applies to blazers. Avoid blazers which make your shoulders look 4 km long, big No!

Opt for slim fit blazers.

I hope this was helpful.

See you soon!

Osman Watali

Officially Dapper

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