PLAID IT SAFE ft. Semi formal look

|| What I’m Wearing ||

T Shirt– Koovs

Pants– Zara

Shoes– Zara

Blazer/coat– Self Designed

Man clutch– Zara

Sunglasses– Marc Jacobs

Hey guys!

Welcome to my blog.

Hope you all had a great Sunday.

If you want to know how to dress up semi-formally and not look “boring” then keep reading.


The first step is very essential to make dressing up easy. Before diving into patterns and prints and all that, its very important to have an idea of what colour/colour combination you want to go for. Today, I went for a white and blue combination.


If you think that wearing a plain blazer/pants is boring, then looking into patterns is what you can do. You can go for a variety of patterns like plaid/checkered pattern (the one I’m wearing), stripes etc.


Wearing a collard shirt is the way to go, but sometimes wearing your favourite T shirt also works!

I prefer wearing V necks under a nice tailored slim fit blazer/coat. A plain T shirt over a Printed one ALWAYS!


A well fitted blazer takes the whole outfit on another level. Make sure that the blazer that you’re wearing is your size. A nicely made and fitted coat will make your outfit and an ill fitted sack will definitely break your outfit.


Well made and tailored pants are the only pants acceptable. Ill fitted and slouchy pants are a big no no! It does not mean that you need to get your pants “made” from a tailor. There are a lot of brands like TopMan, River island and Zara which offer well made pants.


Its very important for a man to wear “good” shoes. Its as simple as that.

Shoes speak louder than words!


Accessories are as important as all of the above. They’re the icing on the cake.


Its very important to have a good hairstyle. I say ditch the spikes and go for a slicked back look. Its all in the details gentlemen.

So look like the man that you are and seize the day.

Enjoy the pictures!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

See you in the next one!

Signing Off,

Osman Watali

Officially Dapper

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